The aim of the project involved the construction of a strong and flexible cloud infrastructure, so to implement eGov services.

MCloud represents the governmental cloud computing environment for hosting and efficiently operating the government information systems.

It’s a modern platform, Iaas & SaaS type for development, automation of services and extension to 3rd party cloud providers. MCloud is based on VMware vRealize Suite products, FlexPod converged systems consisting of NetApp FAS hybrid-flash arrays and Cisco UCS servers.

From an infrastructure perspective, MCloud is distributed in two active-active sites, providing continuous data availability for state organizations’ business-critical applications. It uses the best-in-class enterprise solution from leading vendors in technology, with zero data loss and near-zero failover time, disaster avoidance.

Additionally, audit, consulting & design services were provided for tenants’ obsolete infrastructure – which were optimized & migrated to MCloud. This represents the biggest & complex infrastructure-IT project that has been deployed in Moldova, with a 6,5 million USD value – financed & managed by World Bank, 95% of it completed by BTS PRO in 18 months.

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