Audit & Consulting

At any stage of a company’s life-cycle, an important role is dedicated to technology. Development can be a complex and costly process and implementation results in fragmented models.

Are you experiencing difficulties?

Learn now about the opportunities, benefits, as well as the risks that your company can encounter.

– The computer system doesn’t allow the implementation of new IT solutions?
– The architecture of the computer system doesn’t support business objectives?
– Is the optimization and efficiency of the operational activity blocked because of the outdated software solutions?
– The components of the informatics system are not designed and implemented in line with the best IT practices?
– Do obsolete information systems need a touch of modern flair?

We work in collaboration with top management, your in-house IT team, legal, and other departments – to help the enterprise mitigate and control an escalating volume of IT risks that could damage the processes and reputation.

What are the benefits?

– You better understand the current status of the informatics system, therefore reducing the IT risk
– The summary offers information that helps get rid of risks related to data availability, integrity, and confidentiality, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of IT services
– The audit identifies the source of the problems that lead to a decrease in the total performance of the computer system
We recommend the steps to be taken so that to eliminate the causes

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Optimizing printing costs & ensuring data security

Among the most important aims of this project were to optimize printing expenses, improve print quality, move to a centralized work-frame and protect materials to be printed.
The customer registered a drop of 30% in printing costs and received high-quality printing.

A fully-fledged private eGov cloud for Moldova

The platform capitalizes on government spending and consolidates data centres in a joint management form.
Additionally, audit, consulting & design services were provided for tenants’ obsolete infrastructure – which were optimized & migrated to MCloud.