Now, the portfolio of solutions that offer services and blockchain technologies has been completed with InvoiceFlow – an application intended for reconciliation and purchase orders. By offering a high degree of trust in digital assets using DLT technology, Fujitsu helps companies increase shareholder confidence.

Fujitsu introduced DocumentFlow – an easy-to-use web application that uses blockchain technology. It validates any digital or corporate file, including documents, audio and video files, images and files from almost any application. DocumentFlow was created as part of the Fujitsu Flow software suite, in addition to InvoiceFlow, an account fraud protection application.

As companies use increasingly intelligent solutions with a large number of network connections, they frequently need to monitor and manage their large data volume. These digital data are of great value to companies, which makes the trustworthiness of information a critical condition. Fujitsu uses Ledger Distribution Technology (DLT), which ensures continuous unmodified recording and provides all participants and users with evidence that a digital asset is genuine.

Notary services based on blockchain, for all digital assets pertaining to companies.

Fujitsu DocumentFlow significantly reduces the number of cases of document fraud or illegal copying, because the application allows you to track any manipulation of illegal copying files or even checks for the latest file update. The technology works with all types of digital files, verifying any documents: from university diplomas to technical documentation. DocumentFlow can instantly mark any changes to documents and also help track history and changes to copyrighted materials or secure corporate and official documents. DocumentFlow records all data changes, using an immutable audit log, which also simplifies verification. Fujitsu DocumentFlow uses blockchain technology to provide the notary service for digital assets – which provides complete control and record.

According to Frederik De Breuck, the head of the Fujitsu Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels: “Using immutable recording and automatic tracking, you immediately get a summary of the changes to any digital document. For example, you can track the removal of copyright protection measures for multimedia files, change any value in a table, or unauthorized changes within CAD files, which could lead to unforeseen consequences. This allows companies to gain full trust in any digital file and helps prevent fraudulent use of documents. As with the special protective packaging, which offers customers the opportunity to ensure that the product has not been opened before, we help companies to be sure of the originality of any file type. Fujitsu helps people to trust the data they use to work. We use blockchain technology to improve and optimize existing solutions, creating a reliable digital signature.

The Fujitsu InvoiceFlow service, introduced earlier this year, helps companies and government agencies prevent accidental data processing errors. This development uses DLT technology to verify and evaluate the billing process, from creating an account to authorizing the payment.

Fujitsu proposes InvoiceFlow and DocumentFlow as local solutions or services running on any cloud platform. These developments complement Fujitsu’s services designed to help customers implement scalable blockchain and DLT solutions. They are secure and ready to use, from consulting, development, applications, infrastructure, and managed services to cloud solutions, software, and local solutions.