Anti-bribery commitment

According to the company’s Anti-bribery Management System Policy, “BTS Pro” LLC is committed to carrying out its activities following the anti-bribery legislation in force and according to the documents of the anti-bribery system implemented in its activity, both correctly from the professional point of view and ethical one – with zero tolerance towards bribes.

All of the “BTS Pro” LLC company employees are aware that non-compliance with the anti-bribery legislation, as well as the failure to obey the anti-bribery management system of “BTS Pro” LLC, entails disciplinary, administrative, criminal and civil liability established by the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova.

To achieve the anti-bribery policy and its objectives, the top management of “BTS Pro” LLC is committed to maintaining an adequate organizational framework, as well as to allocate resources necessary to meet the requirements of the effective anti-bribery management system, as well as for its continuous improvement.

The Top Management of “BTS Pro” LLC is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the Anti-Bribery Management System under the requirements of SM ISO 37001: 2016, as well as the overall responsibility for implementing and complying with the requirements of this standard.


For questions, concerns or any information about bribery and corruption requests for additional training or if you are not sure about how this Policy should be applied in particular circumstances, please visit the Contact us section, Office Management.